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Some History

History tells us that all things change!  Are we near the end of the day for existing power sources?  Possibly!


Our past at E&W Electrical has involved educating ourselves on electrical and power generation theory and then using this knowledge to supply our customers with emergency back up power systems to protect against the dangers and inconveniences created by utility power losses.


Our future will be to maintain current systems in place, provide for future alternative power solutions, and save our customers money thru energy
and fuel source management.

In 1984 the company was formed by Michael S. Williams with a focus on the residential sectors of the electrical industry.  Residential wiring of custom homes; also providing electrical lighting design support for new and remodel construction, combined with several years of experience for the manipulation of automation circuitry proved to be a perfect prerequisite for our power systems platform.  In 1995 we made a commitment to use our resources for providing emergency standby generator systems for North Carolina and Virginia.


We introduced automatic standby generator systems for the residential sectors into North Carolina right about the time of Hurricane Fran.  E&W was the first Generac dealer in North Carolina making a full commitment to residential generators by offering complete and full generator service, a one stop shop!  During this period Generac did not have dealers specializing in the residential markets for North Carolina, Virginia, or northern South Carolina so we covered a pretty large area.  During 2000, Michael S. Williams, E&W's president and the vice president of the Guardian line for Generac, Tom Weiser visited with Home Depot at their headquarters in Atlanta for the purposes of putting together their install program for Generac generators. 


At first the idea of homes having their own power generation plants did not catch on, but after the ice storm of 2002 in North Carolina and then Hurricane Isabel which came thru Virginia in 2003, home standby systems became quite popular.  E&W initially covered 49 Home Depot stores but a difference in philosophy in how the product should be presented to the consumer was cause for our separation from Home Depot. 


Our approach was to always service what we sold; keeping staff which was trained specifically for generators, and a large inventory of parts so that if a unit had a problem, especially during an outage, we had the part on our trucks or warehouse shelves, reducing any down time for our customers.  To date we have sold over 3000 systems and currently provide service to them.  We also inspect and service systems installed by others.


E&W Electrical, LLC held licenses in four states, North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, and Maryland up until 2005.  In 2005 a decision was made to focus our resources specifically on Virginia and North Carolina.  Currently E&W  holds a Master electrical license in Virginia as well as an unlimited electrical license in North Carolina.


The early philosophies for manufacturers was to build relationships with entities who would make the commitment in sales, installations, and then servicing what was sold.  This meant putting together comprehensive services plans for specific and efficient routing so that value could be provided to our customer base. 


Initially we only represented one manufacturer, Generac, basically because at that time Generac was the only manufacturer who had a real push for the residential markets.  Thru the years other manufacturers, good manufacturers, Kohler, Briggs and Stratton and several branded units such as GE, have made the same push and each has a slightly different way of doing things.  This said they all provide equipment which forces the movement of electrons, said a different way they all provide equipment which provides electricity when the utility power is out.


Education is an everyday focus at E&W and all technicians spend time with our partner manufacturers in order to stay current with the rapidly changing technologies.  We constantly train in house and use experiences with different product as learning tools.  This allows us to stay up to par and in a lot of cases ahead of what the manufactured product can do.  It is our goal each and every day to make our service plans more efficient so we can continue to offer the same comprehensive service for basically the same cost we did back in the early 2000's.


The interest in alternative energy and the systems which deliver this alternative source is growing.  E&W has the experience and knowledge to step right into this sector, having a real understanding of electron movement makes working with DC voltages easier.   


Our recent and current study has been with NC State and their renewable energy diploma series as well as study with Appalachian State University and their wind turbine curriculum. 


Our current and future focus is in providing not only standby generator systems but complete energy solutions for our residential and commercial customers.   Our belief is that renewable energy systems that includes the technologies for selection of source, consumption management, and efficiency verification, is on the horizon. 


We plan to be ready!

Michael S. Williams
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