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Are all generators the same?  Looking at the pictures below or those you see online, they look the same.  Let us share our experiences with you!  A certain brand may be more suited for your structure offering more advantages in performance, load management, output voltage, noise and others.  

Currently we represent most of the common brands.  We understand the philosophy of each, we sale their equipment where it is practical, we inventory their parts, we install, we can perform the correct diagnostics on the generators if there is a problem, and our generator service trucks have most parts in stock on the service truck so that the repair can be made while the service truck is at your location. 


Each service truck is stocked with approximately 600-1000 different parts, ranging from batteries to the logic controller.  Each truck is an extention of several years of a complete commitment to generators for the residential and commercial sectors. 


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Kohler   Generators

The output rating for a generator and the quality of the output voltage is important.  Kohler generators meet their stated output rating and some.


Just as important is the quality of the manufacturing , demonstrated by  the manufacturers in the workmanship and quality of the parts used.  The pride in their product shows and Kohler generators set a high standard. 



Cost is competitive!


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Generac Generators

Generac products, if represented by the correct companies, the generators can provide for dependable service.  Generac product is usually on the leading edge of technology and while change is inevitable it sometimes comes too soon. 


We have represented Generac products since the mid 1990's and currently keep thousands of units going, successfully.   


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Briggs & Stratton Generators

The Briggs and Stratton product has a robust load management system, using structure wiring to transmit data.  This eliminates the need for running the control wires which sometimes can be difficult and costly.


Understanding load management with attention to inconvenience is key to a successful managed system.  For well thought out generator systems, load management provides entire structure coverage so that the end user uses home normally.


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Briggs Fortress Generator

The Briggs and Stratton product just got better.  The Fortress system not only competes well against rivals, offering load management in the most robust form for residential product, it now offers the best full coverage warranty on the market.  For ten years, for warrantable items, Briggs will cover travel, diagnostic, repair labor and parts charges.  This speaks loudly, any manufacturer willing to cover its product for ten years must feel pretty good about the quality of the product as well as the representation of the product by its premium dealers.


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The Warranty

The warranty of a product should be an indication as to how confident the manufacturer is, right?


Generally that is true, however all systems have to be installed by companies who understand the different technologies and limitations of each product. 


Something to keep in mind, if generator equipment is installed correctly, tested with external load banks to stress the system to its output capacity, before being placed into service, and then serviced thru comprehensive service plans, for most cases, problems will be found in the first six months to a year. 


Below is a table with warranty statements for each manufacturer.  The table is an overview, it simply states the outline of the warranty.  For the complete warranty statement, you should obtain a spec sheet or manual for the brand and model you are looking at, there can be limitations or restrictions for some parts, and the warranty periods can be adjusted by the manufacturers.


For most brands, extended warranties can be purchased thru an authorized dealer to extend the warranty so that travel and labor cost are covered thru the 5 year warranty plans. 

Generator Product Warranty Per Manufacturer

Manufacturer Warranty Period Coverages


Air Cooled

Five (5) years or 2000 hours First two (2) years, labor, parts, travel.  Remaining three (3) years are parts only.


Liquid Cooled

Five (5) years or 2000 hours First two (2) years, labor, parts, travel.  Remaining three (3) years are parts only.


Air Cooled

Five (5) years or 2000 hours First two (2) years, labor, parts, travel. Year three (3) limited coverage on parts, Year four (4) & five (5) limited coverage on engine or alternator parts.


Liquid Cooled

Two (2) years Limited coverage on travel, labor and parts.

Briggs & Stratton Air Cooled

Ten (10) years thru E&W Electrical, LLC All ten (10) years, labor, travel, and parts.

Briggs & Stratton Liquid Cooled

Six (6) years All six (6) years, labor, travel, and parts.

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