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Installations for Automatic Generators  for Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, and All Surrounding Counties..

Generator systems are best represented by companies who have the training and experience with power generation, including the correct product selection, engineering and design, installations, correct testing before equipment is put into service and then also provide comprehensive service plans to keep the equipment online.  For combustion engine generators, working with electron movement requires an understanding of electrical theory, power generation theory, combustion engine theory, and fuel properties.  These are skills necessary for providing a means for electron movement and then keeping the electrons moving correctly at any load stage.


Successful generator systems are represented by companies which have committed all of their resources to keeping the lights on.  We can help!


Power generation and its implementation is a whole lot different than installing a conductor between two points and making connections.  Most electrical contractors with correct training can install electrical systems and associated branch circuitry and do that very well.  However these individuals may not be trained in electron movement, providing a means for that movement, and then keeping the electrons moving correctly at any load stage.


Safety should be of concern, generators are stationary combustion engines, and there are carbon monoxide emissions. Additionally high exhaust temperatures combined with the fuel required to run combustion engine sets require fire prevention measures.  They produce electricity so just as with the existing electrical system in your structure there can be shock hazards, but this is especially true with optional generator systems.


Listed below are factors associated with generator system installations:


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