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What is a managed whole house generator? 


What size is necessary for the job you intend for your generator to do? 


Are there inconveniences associated with a managed system?  All these questions we will address.


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Single Point Grounding & Correct Surge Protection is All That You Can Do!


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Electrical safety inspections can be worth the expense to insure your family or co-worker's are not exposed to hazards created by incorrect installation practices.


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Briggs and Stratton Generators in the Raleigh Durham, Chapel Hill & Greensboro area.

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Briggs and Stratton known mostly for its air cooled engines and landscaping products has one of the best philosophies toward support of product.


We are proud to be part of the Briggs and Stratton team, we feel our business models line up well.


At E&W Electrical, LLC we have built our business on the premise that we will service what we sale, and commit all our resources to residential and business standby generator systems.  We feel Briggs and Stratton has a similiar business model and they have manufactured home standby products going on twenty years.


Generator manufacturers are similiar when it comes to standby generator product for the residential markets, they build machines that move electrons.  They use the same type major components, the engine, the rotor stator assembly, the enclosure and control platforms.  All residential product today governs engine speed electronically so that the voltage outputs are steady and response times to load attachment is much better.  This said, we feel Briggs and Stratton has an advantage for the whole house managed type systems that provide the biggest bang for the buck for most residential structure.  While no system is perfect, we feel we can do more with the Briggs & Stratton product in reference to load management.


As part of the business philosophy, how a manufacturer stands behind their product is extremely important.  For Briggs and Stratton we can provide a ten year warranty on a certain Fortress 20 KW model, this is huge, it demonstrates the confidence Briggs and Stratton has in their product.  The ten year warranty is not a promotion, it is ALWAYS!


Click on this link to visit the Briggs & Stratton to see their offerings for the residential and small commercial product.  If you have any questions please notify our sales manager, Michael Williams,


E&W Electrical, LLC is very excited about our future with Briggs and Stratton generators going forward.  Put both business models, E&W and Briggs and Stratton, to work for you! 


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