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What is a managed whole house generator? 


What size is necessary for the job you intend for your generator to do? 


Are there inconveniences associated with a managed system?  All these questions we will address.


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A good place to start, exactly what is a generator?




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Now that you understand what a generator is let’s explore!


Generator dealer or representative of a generator manufacturer

An entity with an understanding of:

  • Electrical theory
  • Combustion engine theory
  • Fuel source properties
  • Potential load and their characteristics
  • Electrical construction techniques specific for the different type structures
  • Control and automation theory for correct diagnostic and repairs
  • Data platforms and security
  • Engine service techniques, including diagnostics and repair
  • Proactive service for machines with multiple levels of components all dependent on each other
  • Stress testing an engine and all control components
  • Parts inventory and management
  • Effective service routing logistics
  • Product limitations for any brand preference which is only obtainable thru real experiences with different product, for different scenarios, observing systems stressed to their potential, across several years.
  • Honest and effective customer service
  • RESOURCE tried and tested during all scenarios not just when there are no power outages.  Our machines work!


Load calculation 

A mathmatical formula using a structure's load characteristics per the appliances and equipment, using standards set by the National Electrical Code, to determine load connection potential. The calculators found on manufacturer websites do not use calculations as required by code, most provide calculations for generators too small for the actual calculated load as required by the National Electrical Code)  This said, for a lot of residential structure, 20KW sized systems, with the correct managment, can provide for fairly normal usage of the structure during a utility outage event.  


For any generator installation occurring after 2008 and all years following, the National Electrical Code, requires a load calculation for correctly sizing the generator system you need.  Sizing a generator correctly protects both the generator and any electrical appliances which may connect to it.  The below is an excerpt from the National Electrical Code:


“702.4 Capacity and Rating

(A)  Available Short-Circuit Current.   Optional standby system equipment shall be suitable for the maximum available short-circuit current at its terminals.

(B)  System Capacity.   The calculations of load on the standby source shall be made in accordance with Article 220 or by another approved method.

(1)   Manual Transfer Equipment.   Where manual transfer equipment is used, an optional standby system shall have adequate capacity and rating for the supply of all equipment intended to be operated at one time.  The user of the optional standby system shall be permitted to select the load connected to the system.

(2)   Automatic Transfer Equipment.  Where automatic transfer equipment is used, an optional standby system shall comply with (2) (a) or (2) (b).

               (a)  Full Load.  The standby source shall be capable of supplying the full load that is transferred by the automatic transfer equipment.

               (b)  Load Management.  Where a system is employed that will automatically manage the connected load, the standby source shall have a capacity sufficient to supply the maximum load that will be connected by the load management system.”


Generator service

Task performed for the machine, consistently, to keep the machine operating up to its limitations.  Yes changing the oil, oil filter, air filter, and battery are important parts of a generator service regiment, however there is much more in correctly taking care of a generator.  Let me list a few:

  • Battery charge characteristic observations by entity that understands any particular battery characteristic.
  • Adequate air flow considerations
  • Engine timing
  • Governor system stress test should be performed utilizing external load to stress the making sure engine response is correct.  Correct engine response is needed so that electrical voltage outputs are safe for any potential load attachment.  Control stress test of the generator insures unsafe voltage dips or transients do not exist for the connected load as well as also making sure there is no oscillation of voltage levels for any level of connected attachment or detachment.  Stress testing a generator system insures fuel pressures are maintained, eliminating shorter life spans for the generator, and the connected loads.  Stress testing provides heat needed to eliminate moisture in the components that provide the electron flow.  Think of it this way, if you walk on level ground for a mile verse walking up a hill for a mile, which provides true exercise for you, which provides a true indication as to your health?  Machines are no different and the only safe way is with external load, not structure loads.
  • Equipment history needed for effective diagnostics and repair.


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