If you need a new generator, or an existing generator serviced or repaired, use our 25 plus years experience, committed to only generators for the residential & commercial markets.  Our proactive and well thought out plans are successful! 


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Do you have questions about how to check or change your oil during a power outage?  We can help!  Click the provided link with your question.


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What is a managed whole house generator? 


What size is necessary for the job you intend for your generator to do? 


Are there inconveniences associated with a managed system?  All these questions we will address.


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Know the status of your generator while home or away, 24 hours a day!


Eliminate control glitches making sure when an outage occurs, the genertor starts.


Convert to more convenient annual service plans.


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Electricity use is a large component of our lives, good or bad most all items that provide assistance or convenience requires the use of it.


As with everything electricity and how it is used, manipulated, and fails, changes.


Do you want to know more, understand why your lights dim, why a panel breaker trips, why your electrical bill is so high or better yet how you may can save some money?  Join us quarterly on a journey in understanding what electricity is and what it can be.


We appreciate your interest in our company and we look forward to assisting you will all your generator needs.

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